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Rugs are a wonderful addition for bringing your home interiors together to create a warm and inviting feel. A fluffy white rug looks wonderful with Scandi-inspired furniture whilst a grey rug adds a sophisticated and timeless appeal.


The decorative pieces you choose represent your style, so why not choose something unique and one-of-a-kind? Our artisan home décor offers authentic global craftsmanship, cultural history, and incredible intrigue. When you decorate your living spaces with Maison Numen, your décor will ignite conversations with every guest you welcome into your home.

Our online selection features lighting, rugs, centerpieces, pillows, and other unique home décor accessories. Find pieces for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or dining room. Each item has its own intriguing history and embodies native traditions and techniques. From handwoven Alpaca throw blankets to handcrafted ceramic vases, you can discover the richest cultural artistry in our handmade store. Shop our artisan home décor now.

Enhance your daily life with the finest handpainted silk pillows made right here in America, the softest faux fur throws handmade with Australian Geelong wool, and more in our home decor department. Build out your own customized office desk set with fine Italian leathers, or shed some light on the situation with our extensive range of elegant and discreet floor and table lamps.

Details are meant to be celebrated and decor choices are what make each space in your home feel personal, welcoming, and intentional. Our collection of decor at McGee & Co. is thoughtfully designed and curated to make your space feel truly beautiful. Whether styling a coffee table or shelving in the living room, a console table in the entryway, or a dresser in the main or guest bedroom, with this selection of intentionally designed and curated decor your spaces will feel composed and collected. From baskets and trays to candles and decorative items, each piece balances design and function. The McGee & Co. team spends years designing and curating the best pieces for each launch, with the intent to create the most thoughtful selection of decor items possible. Find decorative objects that add vintage detail or the intriguing elegance of abstract art. Find vases and jars made from organic materials with neutral rustic glazes or bold colorways. Whether adding a welcoming scent to your space through our candle collection or providing functional decor to your office space or entryway, keep in mind the pairing of decor items. The collected look of each of your decor pieces can contribute to the overall feel of the room. What materials, shapes, and sizes of objects are you mixing, and where are you styling these pieces? For a coffee table, make sure to incorporate a vessel that can hold smaller items or greenery. Adding an engaging object adds to the visual interest and collected feel, especially when styled on top of a stack of books or in a tray. Each space in your home presents a new and exciting challenge to personalize a space and add visual balance with decor items. Each detail adds unique charm to your home, allowing it to feel as curated and refined as it is beautiful and inviting. JOIN OUR MAILING LISTSign up to unlock new arrivals, promotions, and more.

Owners and fans of Harley-Davidsons can feel at home on the open road and while riding their bikes. Not only is it fun to spend time on a chopper, but collecting gear can turn into another hobby. Many people choose to decorate their homes with Harley-Davidson home décor as a way to show off their love of the brand.

Our inventory of home decoration features a variety of items that consumers can use to optimize their man caves, garages, and bedrooms. The classic products, including our Harley-Davidson banners and pennants have timeless appeal and feature classic H-D logos.

Not only can fans of Harleys enjoy spending time on their hogs, but the Harley-Davidson home collection makes it easy to celebrate the brand. Our selection of motorcycle decorations for the home features all types of products that can be used to decorate the home or for performing different types of tasks. From camping gear to Harley-Davidson wall clocks and barware, the options are endless.

Decorating with vintage motorcycle home décor is a great way of creating a cool setting that personalizes the space. The signs in our inventory are useful for decorating bare walls and adding more visual appeal to the setting. Our barware accessories also offer accommodation while serving drinks to guests in the kitchen or at a party. Many of the items have rustic features and look worn, which contributes to their timeless appeal. The products have authentic embellishments and details that allow them to stay true to the original Harley-Davidson style and designs.

All of our Harley-Davidson home décor, including motorcycle ornaments, makes for great gifts for motorcycle enthusiasts. The variety items we have stocked in our inventory accommodates all types of interests and hobbies. The vintage motorcycle décor is made to hold up well with frequent use and can become a staple in the home, garage, or office. Many of the items can even be packed on motorcycles for upcoming trips and excursions, allowing them to have more functionality and versatility in different types of settings. Shop our inventory of wall signs, clocks, glassware and more to find authentic and original items that can be used year-round. Our products are a great way to celebrate Harley-Davidson and display quality items that continue to have timeless appeal.

Home décor encompasses many different elements of design, from what kind of flooring you use to how the furniture is arranged in each room. No matter what your tastes are, you can use different combinations of color, structure and furnishings to make your home comfortable, practical and welcoming.

So how do you create a home design that you'll love? Start by deciding what kind of look and mood you'd like to have, then choose the elements that help reflect that concept. Light colored furniture like wicker or light woods can create an atmosphere of serenity, while dark and heavy wood gives the home a regal and staid quality. Hardwood flooring can add warmth, while lighting can be arranged to create a mood, or to make the home cheery and bright. Color schemes can complement any atmosphere you would like to emulate.

From art collections to teapots and everything in between, home accessories are what give your home personality and character. Whether you proudly display your grandmother's china in your dining room or you hang your favorite family photo over the fireplace, these accessories are necessary to reflect who you are and what's really important to your family. It's the accessories you choose that distinguish your house from your neighbor's and make you feel like you're really home.

In so many homes the teapot is the first object reached for when either celebration or comfort are needed. At the first signs of heartbreak, illness, or a special occasion, the teapot is set onto the stovetop, and families bond over the rich aroma and taste that's both comforting and familiar.

Today's teapots come in many different varieties, from traditional porcelain to newer insulated models. They can be admired for their beauty and design, or used as a centerpiece. Many teapots are passed down through generations, bringing a touch of family history to the home's décor.

If you have a vase in your home, you're in very good company. Of all the accessories used in the home, vases have one of the longest histories. The earliest known vases date back to ancient Greece, where they were made mainly for practical uses like the storage of food, medicine, oils and water. Vases have been found dating from around 5000 B.C., and the pictures and carvings they depict present some of the best information we have about ancient Greek life.

Today, vases made from ceramic, crystal and glass are used to complement our home décor. They're popular as a vessel for displaying fresh or synthetic flowers but are also valued for their beauty and decorative aspects. Crystal vases also make great wedding or anniversary gifts.

Does anyone ever have enough storage space in their homes? As people accumulate more and more belongings, they're forever looking for ways to store them. The need for storage has helped develop the concept of storage as design element, where the systems not only keep our belongings organized, but do so in an attractive way. This is done through furniture and containers cleverly designed to maximize both form and function.

Closet organizers are one of the most widely used systems, with countless setups available including shelving, drawers and units designed to hold everything from scarves to snow boots. These storage systems are typically expanded and modified easily so that homeowners can update them as their needs change, or to accommodate that 25th pair of shoes.

Modular garage units are popular as well and allow total flexibility for those who want to organize their tools once and for all. These units consist of wall-hung panels with a selection of hooks and shelving that can be arranged to meet the homeowner's needs.

Some people feel that the best home accessories are none at all. This concept is popular for those with minimalist décor. Minimalism emphasizes the use of color and structure over clutter and complicated decorating themes. A home styled after these concepts would focus on the basics, with the only furniture being required for day-to-day living, and everything else stored away neatly and out of sight. Floors and other surfaces are clear and free of clutter. Solid colors are used in lieu of complex, visually cluttered patterns. 041b061a72

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